Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Stone Roses Live At Alexandra Palace, London 18.11.1989

Year: 1989

Recorded live at Alexandra Palace, Wood Green, London on 18th November 1989.

Also known as 'It Ain't Where You're From'.

Released as an unofficial bootleg cassette.


1.  Intro / She Bangs The Drums
2.  Standing Here
3.  Where Angels Play
4.  Shoot You Down
5.  Elephant Stone
6.  Waterfall
7.  Sugar Spun Sister
8.  Made Of Stone
9.  Going Down
10.  Sally Cinnamon
11.   I Wanna Be Adored
12.  I Am The Resurrection
13.  Fools Gold

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?h7h06uwzrhoa7je *NEW WORKING LINK - 15.09.2012*

Password: shebangsthedrums


Anonymous said...

Only ever heard good things about this.

Will look forward to this one.


Strange-Times said...

I never understood why the music press slated this gig & why people (even the band!) complained about the sound inside Ally Pally on the night. It was another fantastic gig & I certainly don't remember the sound being bad, I just have great memories of another great night.

henryvilla said...

You lucky bugger - would have LOVE to have been at Ally Pally. I agree, it's a cracking boot, so I can't only imagine how good it must have been.

Nice one buddy.

spencer kurash said...

I was there only time I ever saw them live. Sound was rotten until Shoot You Down when it all seemed to fall into place. Until then the sound was a bass driven mess. Might I presume (and apologies if it's not the case) that the rest was so memorable that Strange-Times blanked out the opening chaos

Craig Fairlie said...

Can this be re-uploaded. There's a few that i've not got in the collection, which need re-uploaded.


henryvilla said...

A please would be nice... Anyway, I've just added a new working download link.