Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Stone Rose - 'Blow The Dam' Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam 26.04.1995

Year: 1995

An unofficial bootleg CD released by Hawk Music, in Italy only.

All tracks recorded live at The Paradiso, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on April 26th 1995.

This is not to be confused with 'High Times In Dope Land', which is also a recording of The Roses playing in Amsterdam the same year. This recording apparently dated 14.04.1995.


1.  I Wanna be Adored   7:04
2.  She Bangs the Drums   3:49
3.  Waterfall   4:59
4.  Ten Storey Love Song   3:55
5.  Daybreak-Breaking Into Heaven   15:38
6.  Your Star Will Shine   2:52
7.  Tightrope   4:28
8.  Elizabeth My Dear   1:18
9.  Love Spreads   5:48
10.  Good Times   5:38
11.  I Am the Resurrection   7:46
12.  Begging You   6:09
13.  Made of Stone   4:47
14.  Driving South   4:39


Password: shebangsthedrums


Anonymous said...

I was there at the paradiso 26-4-1995 , it was a exiting night.

The date 14-4-1995 on the high times in dopeland cd is not correct.
there was 1 night at 26-4-1995

Thanks Henry

Craig Fairlie said...

Again, Another one which needs re-uploaded! :D If someone could re-upload this, it would be great!

henryvilla said...

Again... a please would be nice.

New download link added.