Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Stone Roses - In The Studio Vol. 2 1994

Year: 1994

Volume 1 of 2 - Recordings from one of The Roses' studio sessions for 'The Second Coming', in 1994.

All tracks were recorded at Rockfield studios in Wales in 1993 & 1994.

1.  Ian & Reni recording water for 'Breaking Into Heaven' intro
2.  Producer giving instructions with John in background
3.  Story Love Song  alternative intro
4.  John & Reni tribal jamming
5.  Good Times, early version
6.  Love Spreads, early version
7.  Love Spreads, last section
8.  Begging You, early vocal take, with no bass
9.  John & Reni jamming, Hendrix guitar jazz drumming
10.  Daybreak, no vocals different bass
11.  Reni solo
12.  Tightrope, bass from start of song
13.  John & Reni the funky jam
14.  Breaking Into Heaven, no guitar Cant See Me bass line
15.  Driving South, no vocal less guitar
16.  John & Reni the crazy jam rocky and intense
17.  How Do You Sleep, just Ian & John
18.  Reni, 11 mins drum solo
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celtplast said...

I can't thank you enough mate, these are gem mate been looking for the second coming demos for ages thank you ever so much keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for this forever, but it seems your password shebangsthedrums doesn't work anymore!

Anonymous said...

no dice... "shebangsthedrums" is still a bad password for this and a bunch of others. Shame, as you have a great blog!

henryvilla said...

Try it again buddy. Should be working fine.

If you can let me know the others that don't work, I can correct them too.

Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

re-up, plz...........

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eamf said...

Any change you could upload again, plz?

Anonymous said...

Could anyone upload this again please?

Anonymous said...

Can someone please fix the download password or whatever it is please? I got outbidded 82 quid for this boot on ebay it'd be really great to have a free copy on my computer, would mean so much.

Thank you x