Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Stone Roses - In The Studio Vol. 1 1994

Year: 1994

An unofficial bootleg CD.

Also released as an unofficial bootleg CD, 'The Second Coming Rehearsal Sessions 1993-1994', by Wild Museum in Bangladish.

All tracks were recorded at Rockfield studios in Wales in 1993 & 1994.


Your Star Will Shine:
1.  Setting up
2.  "Take it away John"
3.  Run through - Ian mis-timing
4.  "Take your coat off it's clicking"
5.  "Nah nah"
6.  "Losing the melody"
7.  "Going backwards"
8.  From 2nd verse - Lead Vocals From Jogn on last few lines
9.  Excuses, excuses - Ian can't remember the melody
10.  "This is hard work" - John begins to get annoyed
11.  "Yeeeah" - Last run through proves successful

Good Times:
12.  Setting up -  Ian, Mani & Reni begin to play
13.  Mani & Reni duscuss the song
14.  Jan, Mani & Reni go through it again
15.  John joins in
16.  John, Ian and Reni from the chorus, then Mani joins in
17.  "Any one got any smash?" Ian and John, then Reni joins, then Mani
18.  Funky jam
19.  "She's my heroin"
20.  Pulling it together
21.  Sounding great

Redemption Song:
22.  First run through
23.  Ian's learning
24.  All the way through
25.  Guitar goes wrong
26.  All the way through again
27.  Bass joins in
28.  Final redemption

Additional releases information: http://www.discogs.com/Stone-Roses-Second-Coming-Rehearsal-Sessions-1993-1994/release/839968


Password: shebangsthedrums


St Alban said...

This are really great uploads for all Roses fans, your blog is supurb mate, keep it going, cheers

Anonymous said...

Would love to get this one as my CD copy from over 10 years ago has apparently gone bad. I get "invalid password" when I try "shebangsthedrums", though...

henryvilla said...

Try it again now. It should be working fine.

Thanks for the heads up - enjoy the blog!


Anonymous said...

re-up, plz..................