Friday, 21 October 2011

The Stone Roses - Ultimate Demos & Rarities 1983 - 1989

Dates: 1983 - 1989, Various locations.

A concise collection of demos and live recordings from 1983-1989.

Including live recordings from the Piccadilly Radio Sessions, Strawberry Studios in Stockport, the Battery Studios in London, rehearsals in Chorlton, Acoustic sessions, demos in various studios throughout Manchester, and two very rare recording of the pre-Roses band, 'Waterfront' from 1983


1. I Wanna Be Adore
2. Heart On The Straves
3. Tell Me
4. This Is The One
5. Boy On A Pedestal
6. All Across The Sands
7. Hardest Thing In The World
8. Sun Still Shines
9. She Bangs The Drums
10. Waterfall
11. Hardest Thing In The World
12. Elephant Stone
13. Sun Still Shines
14. Sugar Spun Sister
15. Waterfall
16. Shoot You Down
17. She Bangs The Drums
18. Waterfall
19. Made Of Stone
20. This Is The One
21. Elizabeth My Dear
22. Normandy (On A Beach In)
23. When The Wind Blows

Track Information:

Tracks 1-3 at Piccadilly Radio Sessions, 24th March 1985
Track 4 Strawberry Studios, Stockport 1985, 3am (1st ever take)
Track 5-8 Rehearsal, Chorlton, Manchester, 18th March 1986
Tracks 9-10 Acoustic, 1986
Track 11 Demo, Bredbury, Manchester, 1986
Tracks 12-14 Demos, Chorlton, Manchester, 12th December 1986
Tracks 15-16 Demos, Manchester, Early 1988
Tracks 17-20 Demos, Suite-16 Studios, Manchester, May 1988
Track 21 Demo, Battery Studios, London, 1989
Tracks 22-23, Waterfront Demos 1983 (Pre-Roses band featuring Squire, Mani and Couzens)


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Thanks for this boot with nice rare recordings


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File Belongs to Suspended Account ???

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Cheers, so many great stuff on here.. but any chance you'd fix the link? It doesn't work. I've never heard the waterfront demo and would love to have a listen!

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Enjoy... HV