Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Stone Roses Live At The Embassy Club, London 1985

Year: 1985

One of the rarest of all Roses bootlegs, and is often one the last to be tracked down by collectors of Roses' rarities. 

Recorded live at London's Embassy Club on 11.09.1985.


1.   Here It Comes  2:26
2.  So Young  3:19
3.  All I Need  3:28
4.  I Wanna Be Adored   3:14
5.  Saviour   2:45
6. This Is The One   3:30
7.  Getting Plenty   3:54
8. Tell Me   3:36

This is yet another provided by Scott from Liverpool who very kindly sent me a nice pile of Roses boots to rip to mp3.

Utter legend buddy, you're a TOP man! Many, many thanks.

Password: tellme

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Henry, first thanks for uploading again.

I was listened to this classic recording, and you're right this is a very rare one.
But a nice complement to my collection.