Monday, 6 February 2012

The Stone Roses Live At Bristol Bierkeller, Bristol 1989

Year: 1989

Another of the hardest of all Roses bootlegs to find. Recorded live at Bristol Bierkeller on 29.06.1989.

At one point, until recently, I wasn't sure if this boot even existed, until I ripped it from cassette to mp3 with my own hands! One of my favourite Roses boots for sure.


1.  Intro / I Wanna Be Adored   5:17
2.  Elephant Stone   3:37
3.  Sally Cinnamon   4:06
4.  Made Of Stone   4:50
5.  Waterfall   5:00
6. She Bangs The Drums   4:01
7.  Where Angels Play   4:20 
8.  Shoot You Down   4:49
9.  Standing Here   4:24
10.  I Am The Resurrection   10:20

Password: sallycinnamon

The final bootleg provided by my man Scott in Liverpool - Can't say anymore that hasn't already been said, but thank you very much again buddy.

An interview for Musicbox, with Ian Brown and John Squire in 1989:

Part 1 -

Part 2 -


Anonymous said...

Don't have this one. Thanks for the upload.

Anonymous said...

Another one !

Thanks Henry.

Strange-Times said...

Many thanks for another beauty Henry.

Tanktop said...

Many Thanks for this one Henry.

the thievery corporation said...

Thanks Henry.

Anonymous said...

great work you have done with this blog.ive collected boots since i was 15 and this sites by far the most helpful

henryvilla said...

Nice one folks. Thanks for all your comments.

Glad to be of service - all I've done is make them available to people, which is cool.... But the real thanks goes to the original recorders of the boots and those people who sent them to me!

Enjoy y'all,

Anonymous said...

HV yo're a legend. Spent the 90's trawling record fairs to get my hands on a lot of these gems before discovering Will Odell's site and swallowing most of them up on tape as that's all that I could afford at the time! Suffice to say they've been stuck in a box in the loft untouched for years now and you're sterling work has let me re-discover them. Now that you've put up La Cigale (thanks Scott) I think that's the only thing I had that you wanted but will have a look when I get time to see if I can be of use....fingers crossed!



henryvilla said...

Nice one Pritch.

Thanks for you kind words fella - check out that box of tapes!! You never know what might be in there!!

Still trying to track down:

Lilla Marquee, Stockholm 19.04.1985
Fukuoka Sun Palace, Japan 21.09.1995
Osaka Imp Hall, Japan 25.09.1995 (Second Night)
Whitley Bay Ice Rink 16.12.1995

Give me a shout if you have nay luck buddy.

HV :)

snelly64 said...

Thanks again - really surprised just how many Roses boots are available. Great site - thanks for the hard work in putting this all together, it really is appreciated.

Jacob said...

great gig, mate!

JS said...

Thanks so much for your hard work!
Could you re-up this one? The link's gone :(

henryvilla said...


Enjoy... HV