Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Stone Roses Live At La Cigale, Paris 1989

Year: 1989

Recorded live during the Roses' European tour at La Cigale, Paris on 07.10.1989.

Another classic Roses bootleg that's been well hard for me to track down, that I ripped from cassette to mp3.


1.  Intro / I Wanna Be Adored   4:45
2.  Elephant Stone   3:54
3.  Made Of Stone   4:41
4.  Waterfall   5:30
5.  Sally Cinnamon   4:05
6.  She Bangs The Drums   4:34
7.  Standing Here   4:51
8.  Where Angels Play   4:40
9.  Shoot You Down   4:06
10.  I Am The Resurrection   4:03

Downloads (BOTH UPDATED 25.08.2012):
Uncut version (45:02 mins): http://www.mediafire.com/?g084j02qu5pr4tg
Password: madeofstone
Another bootleg sent to me on cassette by Scott in Liverpool - I can't thank you enough fella, very, very kind of you.


Tanktop said...

Hi Henry,

Many thanks for this one

Anonymous said...

Henry and Scott,

Thanks for sharing this nice one.

Henry many thanks for the sleeves.


the thievery corporation said...

Thanks for this one.

Anonymous said...

cheers henry much appreciated

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for sharing ths.

Anonymous said...

Another one I don't have. Cheers!

snelly64 said...

Thank you for this - look forward to listening to it

Lord Joe said...

Mucho Thanks Henry!

henryvilla said...

No worries folks - Thank you for all your comments and kind words. It makes doing this worth while!

Cheers, HV

Anonymous said...

The links are dead and am desperately wanting to hear this performance. Reckon someone can re upload? Cheers

henryvilla said...

Both versions of this gig now have new download links which I have just added.

Enjoy... HV

Arco said...

Thanks Henry, For uploaded both versions.

regards Arco