Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Stone Roses Live At Oxford Polytechnic, Oxford 1989

Recorded live at Oxford Polytechnic, Oxford on 24.05.1989 - This bootleg has become increasing hard to track down.


Not the greatest vocal display from Ian, it has to be said - For me, this is all about John's and Mani's performances. The guitar and bass are as clear as any Roses' boot out there.

Additionally, listening to this boot makes you feel as though you are there in the crowd, which is nice.


1.  She Bangs The Drums   5:03
2.  I Wanna Be Adored   6:01
3.  Elephant Stone   3:59
4.  Made Of Stone   5:06
5.  Waterfall   5:28
6.  Where Angels Play   3:34
7.  Shoot You Down   4:58
8.  Standing Here   4:31
9.  Sally Cinnamon   4:11
10.  I Am The Resurrection   11:23

Password: shootyoudown

Yet another provided by Scott from Liverpool who has provided a MASSIVE service to Roses fans around the world. Many, many thanks again.


Anonymous said...

Hi Henry,
Sorry but i cannot download (wrong pass)

henryvilla said...

Will send you the password Arco.

Got pissed off that within 5 hours of this being posted, 34 people had downloaded it, and NOT ONE has said thank you.

It only takes a minute, as you know buddy.

Anonymous said...

You are right Henry,

Please people, when you download this great live recordings, LEAVE A COMMENT HERE !!!!!

" Henryvilla" will share all those recordings with us for free,
It takes a long time for him to put everything online and to make all those nice CD covers to.
Appreciate that and leave a little comment? It only takes a minute.

Please Henry, i hope you will continue all the good work ?

Cheers men !


mark said...

thanks for all the uploads henry very much appreciated can u send me the password please thanks again keep up the good work :>)

auerfellow said...

Hello, Great Blog. Thanks for all you share.

auerfellow said...

Could you please give the right password. Thanks

Lord Joe said...
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Tanktop said...

Hi Henry,

Great site, loved the Roses for years and this site is excellent. Could I have the password to download?

Many Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Great blog. Keep up the good work.

Any chance of anyone uploading the 30minute onelove, schroeder mixes of second coming, or the full acetate of tsr.

Someone must have them!

Strange-Times said...


Is there any chance of getting the correct password for this bootleg please?

Anonymous said...

Hi Henry,

Thanks for all these great downloads, a fantastic site, love the artwork you have made.
Some photos I havent seen before too.Takes me back to those days!

Cheers mate!!!

Oli said...

Thanks for this Henry

Much appreciated. Glad to have you back.

Have linked you on our forum like i said i would in my email


henryvilla said...

Thanks Oli Nice, one buddy.

Much appreciated my man :)

Strange-Times said...

Just downloaded this Henry, many thanks.

Remember getting this bootleg & the Brum Irish Centre gig from someone that I used to trade with via the NME small ads, back in summer 1989. It got lost during the years that followed & I've not heard this for the best part of 20 years.

I saw the band at Leeds Warehouse & Leeds Poly in May & June 89 & so this is definitely my era for the Roses.........wish that I'd bl**dy recorded those 2 gigs as I've never seen either of them circulated.

the thievery corporation said...

thanks very much

henryvilla said...

No worries Strang Times. Thanks for your comment buddy.

Yeah, never heard or come across those two Leeds gigs unfortunately - I don't think they were recorded as they would surely have surfaced by now.

Glad to be able to help you out with this boot.

Cheers, HV:)

Shaggy said...

Thanks very much

Jacob said...

henry, your stone roses posts are amazing! particularly this show! no person can consider them self a stone roses fan without visiting this blog!

Juan Pablo Castillo said...

Hi Henry,

Great site, loved the Roses for years and this site is excellent. Could I have the password to download?

Some friends of mine here in Mexico city, Mexico would love you have access to your bootleg collection, you are very kind

Many Thanks again

henryvilla said...


Enjoy... HV