Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Stone Roses Live At The Fillmore Club, San Francisco, USA 1995

Year: 1995

Recorded live at The Roses playing The Fillmore Club in SF, on 31.05.1995.

This gigs was part of their 'Second Coming' tour of the United States.

This bizarre looking thing is the poster promoting the gig!


1.  I Wanna Be Adored   4:35
2.  She Bangs The Drums   4:10
3.  Waterfall   4:55
4.  Ten Story Love Song   3:50
5.  Daybreak   9:24
6.  Breaking Into Heaven   8:12
7.  Your Star Will Shine   2:50
8.  Tightrope   3:54
9.  Elizabeth My Dear   0:30
10.  I Am The Rescurection   4:53
11.  Good Times    4:53
12.  Love Spreads   5:32
13.  Made Of Stone   5:10

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?8qmkjp3jfabg1po

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fix121 said...

These shows were the only time the Roses were in the US. I went to a show not up here yet which was at Webster Hall in NYC on May 22, 1995. There was an insane combo of The Stone Roses and The Second Coming. Those days, NYC crowds were very very lame at gigs, but the people that came to see the Roses were jumping around like crazed lunatics...including me. The floor wasn't just shaking, it was literally bouncing up and down. In Webster Hall the stage is upstairs and I swear to you that on that night, I honestly considered that the whole second floor may cave in. Out of the 600 shows I have ever been to, this was in the top 10. NY had waited 7 years for them to come here. Thank you for your blog. I am trying to get as many of these as possible. My favorite album of all time is TSR - TSR and to hear all of these performances when they were in their heyday is amazing. You are a saint! Cheers,

Mitch in Brooklyn

HenryVilla said...

Nice one Mitch - Really appreciate your comments and also telling us about your experiences of The Roses. Always great to hear people's thoughts and stories, especially from another country. Great to here that your enjoying the early gigs too - I feel that they are the best, due to the rawness and honest sound. I brought the debut album the day it was released in 1989, aged 16, and it is still my favourite album too. Anyway, keep checking back, as I will be adding more stuff as and when.
Cheers buddy,

Anonymous said...

I have just burned this one on cd and listened to it.


Anonymous said...

Is there anyway this can be re-up'd I've been looking for it for years!