Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Stone Roses Live At The Reading Festival, Reading 1996

Year: 1996

The End... until recently!

Recorded live at The Reading Festival, on 25.08.1996, and also known as 'The Final Coming'.

Regarded by most as the worst ever Roses' performance. This was the last Roses performance.


1.  She Bangs The Drums   3:43
2.  Waterfall   4:55
3.  High Time   4:14
4.  Ten Storey Love Song   3:56
5.  Daybreak   8:14
6.  Love Spreads   5:29 
7.  Made Of Stone   4:39
8.  I Am The Resurrection   6:49
9.  Ice Cold Cube   3:59
10.  Breaking Into Heaven   8:29

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?6d41uyz4ygibry2

Password: shebangsthedrums

Pre Reading gig interview:

The Press Conference:


Barnafin said...

Cheers for this, I know how bad it is but it's like driving past a car crash, you can't resist a look! This is missing tracks 1 and 12 though, I Wanna Be Adored and Driving South. I have them, in worse sound quality, which I can send you if you like?

Anonymous said...

Yes worst, but still special for the 2 new sr songs.

" High time " and " Ice Cold cube "

Thanks !

Anonymous said...

Strange to see Robbie Maddix trying to repeat (most of the time without success at all) Reni's iconic and unique drum playing. However, we can be sure this is not being repeated on the 2012 reunion tour :D
Thanks for the material! Amazing blog!!

Anonymous said...

Yes Reni, is back and gonna bangs the drums

Craig Fairlie said...

Hi Mate, can someone re-upload it.

Unknown said...

Has anyone got version 2?? None of these links work btw.. cheers

Unknown said...

Has anyone got version 2?? None of these links work btw.. cheers