Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Stone Roses - Live At The Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam 2012 (Reni's In-Ear Monitor Recording)

Year: 2012

This the recording from Reni's in-ear monitor. Recorded live at The Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Holland on 12.06.2012.

It was at this gig that Reni left the stage before the band played 'I Am The Resurrection' for the planned encore.

An insider at the show suggested that there was a problem with the drumkit, although this has not been confirmed.

1. I Wanna Be Adored  4:19
2. Mersey Paradise  2:43
3. Sally Cinnamon  3:38

Total time: Approx. 10:30 mins.


Password: thedam2

"The drummer's gone home"... Amsterdam, 12th June 2012

'Sally Cinnamon', live in Amsterdam, 12th June 2012:

'She Bangs The Drums', live in Amsterdam, 12th June 2012:


Anonymous said...

Thank's for this one Henry.
Also thanks for the nice cd covers.


mark said...

cheers henry appreciated as always :)