Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Stone Roses - 'The Third Coming', The Definitive Exhibition, London 2012

Year: 2012

Being in London this weekend, I decided I'd take the opportunity to check out 'The Third Coming' exhibition at 'The Space' in Whiteleys Shopping Centre, Queensway, London.

Featuring a really tasty collection of photographs taken by three of the UK's best known photographers in the music industry; Kevin Cummings, Paul Slattery and Ian Tilton, the show is well worth a butchers.

Displayed in the Ha├žienda-like bleakness of an uncluttered empty white space, only interfered by industrial looking white concrete pillars, (decorated by the famous yellow and black diagonal stripes), it occured to me that this exhibition should have taken place in Manchester! Why London? Not that I'm complaining...

Aside from the stunning, and icon images on display, any fan of The Roses would enjoying checking out the collection memorabilia, which includes early tickets and cuttings, posters and prints.

Early playlists and handwritten notes by John Squire and Ian Brown are also viewable.

Not surprisingly, I declined the offer to have my photo taken covered in splattered paint - advertised to recreate Kevin Cumming's famous photoshoot used on perhaps the most famous NME cover. A basic 'stand in front of the painted screen image' was enough for me.
Supported by a beautifully produced exhibition catalogue, which features cracking reproductions of many of the photographs, a short history of the band, and introductions to the three photographers and their work, the show is definiately worth visiting.

The exhibition runs from 13th June to 12th August 2012.

Respect to my brother, who bravely risked the wrath of the shopping centre's security to sneak a  handful of cheeky snaps.
Many thanks to the original photographers of some of these photos.


Anonymous said...

Hi Henry,

Thanks that you have give us a look at the london third coming exhibition.
I have think about it to travel to london for this exhibition but i have not very much time this months.
Maybe (i hope ) this exhibition come to Amsterdam and then i visit.

Thanks for the nice pictures, and blog update.


henryvilla said...

No worries Arco. Thanks for your post. Yeah, the exhibition is great, I really enjoyed it.

Hopfully it will get to travel around Europe, however, I'm not sure.

Take it easy buddy,
HV :)

Juan Pablo Castillo said...

Thanks a lot for giving us a pretty good look of the London Third Coming Exhibition, this is great stuff. Live Forever mate.
Kind regards from Mexico city,