Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Stone Roses Live At Yubin Chokin, Hiroshima, Japan 1995

Year: 1995

Recorded live at Miel Pargue Hall ,Yubin Chokin, Hiroshima, Japan on 20th September 1995 on The Roses' world 'Second Coming' tour.

Also known as, and released as a bootleg CD titled 'September Sounds'.


1.  I Wanna Be Adored
2.  She Bangs The Drums
3.  Waterfall
4.  Ten Storey Love Song
5.  Daybreak
6.  Breaking Into Heaven
7.  Love Spreads
8.  Good Times
9.  Made Of Stone
10.  Driving South
11.  Elizabeth My Dear
12.  I Am The Resurrection

Password: shebangsthedrums


Anonymous said...

Thanks Henry for this one,

Amazing quallity,

also thanks for your great artworks.

HenryVilla said...

No worries buddy. All the later recordings from 1995/6 with paintings are all John Squire pieces, but I imagine you've probably worked that out by now! Thanks for all your comments ;) HV