Monday, 30 July 2012

The Stone Roses - Live At The Hacienda, Manchester 1985

Year: 1985

Recorded live at The Roses' first gig at the legendary Hacienda nightclub in Machester, on 15.08.1985.

It was in the same month (19.08.1985) that The Roses' first single, 'So Young / Tell Me' was released by Thin Line Records.

It was a very limited pressing, of 1200 copies. 'So Young' was originally titled ' Misery Dictionary'.


1.  Fall   2:53
2.  Heart On The Staves  3:32
3.  So Young   3:11
4.  I Wanna Be Adored   3:19
5.  Here It Comes   2:38
6.  All I Want   3:21
7.  Mission Impossible   3:10
8.  Getting Plenty  4:00
9.  Tell Me   4:21

Total Running Time: 30:19 mins

Password: tellme

Once again, HUGE thanks to Jim for this boot. You're a star fella.

The Roses live at The Hacienda, Manchester 1985 - Full set:

Some amateur video footage of The Roses at The Hacienda, on the same night, 15.08.1985:

The Stone Roses - So Young:


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