Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Chris Brahney, 1989 - 2012

What a truely dreadful piece of news it was to hear that Chris' body had been found yesterday. Like all other Roses' fans, I was genuinely shocked to the core when I saw it on the evening news.

It just doesn't make sense, that after such an incredible weekend of historic gigs from The Roses, the buzz at Heaton Park and fond memories, something as gut wrenching as this could happen. Especially to someone so young, and well loved
My thoughts and most sincerest condolences go out to Chris' family and friends.

Rest is peace fella. Roses fans everywhere will always remember you.

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Strange-Times said...

An absolutely tragic ending. I along with thousands of others hoped that against the odds Chris would turn up safe.

God bless you Chris & my thoughts are with your family