Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Stone Roses - Interview On KITS 105 FM, KOME, San Francisco, USA 1995

Year: 1995

An interview with The Roses during their tour of the US in 1995, on KITS 105.3 FM KOME, San Francisco, CA, USA.


1.  Interview Part 1   5:10
2.  Interview Part 2   4:03
3.  Interview Part 3   7:23
4.  Interview Part 4   3:24
5.  Interview Part 5   3:45
6.  Interview Part 6   6.44

Total running time: 30:26 mins


Password: tenstoreylovesong

Big thanks to Sam for this recording - one that he found tucked away on an old hard drive. Nice one buddy, HUGELY appreciated!

The Roses live in San Francisco CA on 31.05.1995:

Daybreak / Breaking Into Heaven...

Your Star Will Shine /Tightrope...

Love Spreads...


Anonymous said...

HV - Just emailed you....I have this too! Hopefully what's on my list is useful tho.

henryvilla said...

You legend Pritch!!

I've just replied to your email buddy. Nice one fella.

Does your copy of this have the music in between the interview cut out, or is it continually mate? If it's continually, I'd appreicate a copy of that too :)

Thanks for getting in touch!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for this interview