Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Stone Roses Live At The Stockholm Palladium, Stockholm, Sweden 1995

Year: 1995

Recorded live at Stockholm Palladium, Stockholm, Sweden 20.4.1995.

Also released as an unofficial bootleg double CD, titled 'Second Grooving', by Shot Of Salvation.


1.  I Wanna Be Adored   6:53
2.  She Bangs The Drums   4:32
3.  Waterfall   5:22
4.  Good Times   6:07
5.  Ten Storey Love Song   3:52
6.  Daybreak   7:23
7.  Breaking Into Heaven   6:56
8.  Your Star Will Shine   3:47
9.  Tightrope   4:57
10.  Elizabeth My Dear   1:04
11.  I Am The Resurrection   9:06
12.  Begging You   6:15
13.  Driving South   4:55
14.  Made Of Stone   5:10
15.  Love Spreads   6:55


Password: shebangsthedrums

Additional release information:


Chris said...

Just stumbled across the site...can see me spending a few hours in here after work. Brilliant...thank you.

St Alban said...

HV, where do you get them? Please leave comments everyone, this really is a Mersey Paradise!! Can't wait for the 3rd Coming in 2012

HenryVilla said...

Thanks for your comments - great to hear your positive feedback, always very welcome!

I have picked up these live recordings from various places down the years. Some of them are from tapes that I had back in the day too.

I still have quite a few more to post, and will do so over the next week or so, so please everyone keep checking back!

Joe said...

Great to hear some of this stuff again, I only have dusty cassettes and no tape player!

Anonymous said...


I'm sure if you let Henry know of the tape collection you have, he'd be more than happy to dust them down and transfer them to digital downloads.....

HenryVilla said...

You know that fella!

A few people have sent me Roses recordings on tapes that I am gradually geting through. Joe, I'm you happy to do so, email me and let me know what you have and we can sort something out. No pressure though buddy - all down to you.

Cheers, HV

Barry from Eastenders said...

Have only a had a cassette version of this gig, that seemed to have been sped up. Now I have downloaded it I didn't realise that it was quite as an interesting as it is - for Squire's guitar sounds on the debut album tracks & Ten Storey Love Song. As close to the 1989 sound as I've heard for the Second Coming era gigs. He hasn't yet turned the songs into the growling rock beasts they became later on in the tour.

Also interesting that Good Times comes fourth in the set.

HenryVilla said...

What a cracking comment! Totally agree with your points and yes, it does have that '89 Roses feel to it. 'Growling rock beasts'... Love it matey! HV

Anonymous said...

Thanks Henryvilla for this great recording

regards Arco

Anonymous said...

Listen Today again the full cd,

Great recording i like the massive drums from Reni.


Shaggy said...

Thanks yet again!