Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Stone Roses Live At Liverpool Polytechnic, Liverpool 1989

Year: 1989

Recorded live at Liverpool Polytechnic, Liverpool on 05.04.1989.


1.  Intro -  Don't Stop / I Wanna Be Adored  4:55
2.  Here It Comes   3:05
3.  Made Of Stone   5:01
4.  Elephant Stone   3:46
5.  Where Angels Play   8:49
6.  Shoot You Down   4:14
7.  She Bangs The Drums   3:39
8.  Sally Cinnamon   4:16
9.  Standing Here   4;25
10.  I Am The Resurrection   9:24
11.  Fools Gold    6:36

Download (UPDATED 25.08.2012):

Password: shootyoudown


Anonymous said...

Great concert, is Fools Gold from that gig?

HenryVilla said...

Not sure what you mean 'is it from that gig'? Sorry. Can you be more specific, and I'll try and answer your question. Thanks for your comment.
Cheers, HV

Anonymous said...

According to listings the gig ends with IATR, yet yours has Fools Gold, which was not introduced into their set until Ally Pally in Nov '89, just curious if this version of Fools Gold genuinely from this Liverpool gig :)thanks for the top blog HV!!!

HenryVilla said...

Hmmmmm... that's a very good point! I'll have to look into this buddy. Thanks for flagging it up though. I did get this recording from a another serious collector of Roses bootlegs, and hadn't heard it in another of format before this. Strange one that! Cheers, HV

Anonymous said...

This version of Fools Gold is from one of the Japan 95 gigs.... :) This is the one

Jacob said...

nice to hear "fools gold" played! don't hear that too often! thanks henry!

Jacob said...

really good vocal display by ian aswell!

henryvilla said...

New working download link just added today.

Enjoy... HV

Rhine said...

thanks a bunch for the updated link. It seems the first track (adored) is missing from the file though? Is it possible to upload another one? thanks a lot! :)