Monday, 24 October 2011

The Stone Roses Vs Oasis - 2 Fools Live Forever (Unofficial Release) 2011

Year: 2011

A mash up of The Roses' Fools Gold and Live Forever by Oasis that surprisingly works rather well.

Created by Daft Beatles, this is an unofficial release, avaliable only as an mp3.


1.   The Stone Roses Vs Oasis - 2 Fools Live Forever    4:20

Password: shebangsthedrum

Daft Beatles on Soundcloud:


mr_mizer said...

I used to have a great mash up of Fools Gold/Dirty by Christina Aguilera and Axel F

It was good even if it does not sound it. Lost it in a hard drive disaster :(

Celtplast said...

Great work mate!

Anonymous said...

I can not download the file ?

HenryVilla said...

Try it again, it works fine when I try to download it. Cheers, HV

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Henry,

Now it works !

Nice remix....