Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Stone Roses Live At Spike Island, Widnes 27.05.1990

When The Stone Roses announced their plans for a gig at Spike Island, the concert was eagerly heralded as the event of the year.

At the press conference, the day before Spike Island, someone asked Ian Brown what time the concert would be ending. “The police want it to finish by 11.00,” he replied. “We’re just gonna keep going.”

That day, The Roses played to 28,000 strong crowd... The gig became legendary.


1. Intro
2. I Wanna Be Adored
3. Elephant Stone
4. She Bangs The Drums
5. One Love
6. Sally Cinnamon
7. Sugar Spun Sister
8. Standing Here
9. Fools Gold
10. Where Angels Play
11. Don't Stop
12. Something's Burning
13. Made Of Stone
14. Elizabeth My Dear
15. I Am The Resurrection

Password: standinghere


Anonymous said...

Yeah the most imprsessief concert i have been.
I'm from the Netherlands and In 1990 I took part in a contest on the radio. This contest was organized in colobaration with zomba/Silvertone records. And three people are pick out to make a trip to Manchester a concert by the Stone Roses at Spike Island to attend. And i was one of them .
Saturday 26 of may i fly to Manchester at 8.25 am. The whole day the contest winners could spend the day in Manchester city. And in the evening there was a press conferece from the Roses at the Embassy Piccadilly hotel in Manchester.
Sunday afternoon 27 of may we go to Spike Island by bus. At 2.00 pm the show starts with dj,s include a Manchester top DJ Dave Haslam. It takes a long time to the Roses gig started at 9.00 pm. but the weather was good so no problem.
I found the show of the Stone Roses spectaculer and amazing.
It is unfortunate that so little footage of the Spike Island performance.

I think old times gonna revive at Heaton park.
it's a shame i have no ticket.................

henryvilla said...

Flipping heck Arco!!! That's a brilliant story - Lucky you mate! Would LOVED to have been at Spike Island.... That is THE gig that I would choose to go to if given the chance.

I don't have a ticket for Heaton Park yet, but I am not giving up hope - but not paying silly money either.

Thanks for a great comment my friend.

Strange-Times said...

Just keep your eye on eBay auctions ending late on Saturday & Sunday evenuings/nights lads. There are tickets not even reaching face value most weekends.

You can definitely pick one up for £50-60 most weekends.......see you there!

Tanktop said...

Hi Henry,

Great site. Can't get the password to work. Could you help!

Have a copy of Spike Island on an old cassette, it has the full Resurection, including the fire works at the end. Would you know if it is possible to get that version on CD? I guess there wasn't enough room for whole concert.

Any how, once again, great site!

henryvilla said...

Hey buddy, thanks for the heads up. The password should be working fine now.

Enjoy the blog!


Tanktop said...

Hi Henry,

Thanks for fixing pass, downloading now!

Anonymous said...

Could you reupload this gig please? thanks :Dand thanks for all stone roses bootlegs :D

henryvilla said...


Enjoy... HV