Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Stone Roses Live At The ICA Theatre, London 1989

Year: 1989
Recorded live at London's ICA Theatre on 15th May 1989.
Also released as an unofficial bootleg CD, titled 'Live At The ICA', put out by an unknown.

The Roses received good coverage from the press following this gig in the capital.


1.  Intro - Don't Stop / She Bangs The Drums   3:27
2.  Standing Here   4:27
3.  Waterfall   5:05
4.  Elephant Stone   3:41
5.  Sally Cinnamon   4:03
6.  Made Of Stone   4:12
7.  I Wanna Be Adored   5:25
8.  Where Angels Play   8:83
9.  I Am The Resurection   8:59


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